Equipment Rental

White TruckReliable Equipment Rental

Whether you need complete end to end equipment service or supplemental machinery for your project, contact us. Our equipment is current and reliable so that you can get the job done right. We provide services and equipment to your site in Baltimore, DC or Northern Virginia and many other regions based on project type. Our experienced operators can help you selectively clear your site, grind and remove debris with our fleet of grinders, loaders and tractor trailers. Choose from:

  • Wheel loaders with 3 to 20 cubic yard capacity
  • Fleet of excavators ranging from 40,000 lbs to 90,000 lbs
  • Dump trucks
  • Roll-off dumpster trucks
  • Walking floor tractor trailers
  • Low-boy service
  • Horizontal grinders from 500 hp to 1,100 hp
  • All equipment available with experienced Recycled Green Industries operators only

Let Recycled Green Industries supply the equipment and operators for your next project and discover why our customers keep coming back.